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An ordinary photographic wandering downtown.

I stand in front of the label “S-CAPE” in red velvet background. I take a photograph.

​Back home again.

​Search for the root of word Escape in etymology dictionary.

​I quote the major findings:

- Escape (verb): escape potentially unpleasant consequences; run away from confinement; literally "get out of one's cape, leave a pursuer with just one's cape”

- Escape (noun): getting away from a place; an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy

Next time walk with my camera.

A sign “REALITY” flashes in an irrational space contrary to the surrounding ordinary cityscape.

An “S-CAPE” in a non-time “REALITY” land?

Can these interpretations trigger a new photographic research? Can I suggest a breaking point in a futuristic postmodern era?


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