Elegies of the dark shades of Mauve

Mauve is the allegoric title of a series of photographic images created over the last decade and constitutes a personal viewpoint that emerged as an impact on contemporary social reality.

Mauve does not constitute any random tone of the colour palette. It is registered as the first synthetic dye in history while at the same time the psychological interpretation of colours labels it “mysterious”- to say the least: one edge of the spectrum exudes power, superiority and lavishness whereas the darker hues reflect the romantic aspects of the psyche dominated by introversion, thoughtfulness and self- criticism. In my view, the contemporary social context also fluctuates within a spectrum, between absolute opposite dipoles, much like Mauve. It is moulded of extreme socioeconomic inequalities, political pessimism and lack of basic aesthetics. 

My apperceptions of the pervading melancholy of the last decade led me, primarily, to a journey of self-discovery.

I confronted the darkest Mauve of my personality and was forced to diagnose the structural ambiguity of my ideas. The result was a visual narrative consisting of short stories which are not part of a series of real events. They rather unfold in the background, as has always been the case throughout the ages with History itself, which is, more often than not, "written" in the absence of our presence.