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“The Green Emerald Scarab” emerged on the occasion of the accidental discovery of an extract written by Roman Pliny in his Natural History: “The green scarab has the ability to sharpen the eyes of those who observe it. For this reason, the engravers of gemstones focusing on the insects exercise their eyes to distinguish the polyhedral reflections of their precious stones”

I know that such a green emerald scarab is the fetish of the collection with the stuffed bugs of my son. I recall in memory the child's corresponding photograph with the scarab. I focus on the iridescent skeleton of the beetle according to the example of the ancient engravers. I try to re-educate my photographic vision looking for new evolutionary landscapes and transformative dynamics of reality.

While exploring my private archive I unrevealed pictures that, through a swift of a personal focus on my son, deal with different aspects of the uncanny, pictures that through their ambiguity serve as a visual representation of a journey into unknown parts of consciousness.


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